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Trailroc 246

Minimalist Everyday Trainer / Racer

The Trailroc sole is the natural progression from the super successful Roclite sole. The rubber studs on the Trailroc are spaced similarly to the Roclite, but each stud is lower. However, by mimicing the patterns evolved for mountain bike tires (edges cut into each stud) the Trailroc gives just as much traction as the Roclite, but minimises discomfort on harder surfaces.

Although there appears to be less cushioning material on the Trailroc shoes, (compared to the Roclite series) the cushioning effect is similar. By using injected EVA material, rather than the more common blown EVA, a greater cushioning effect can be achieved with a thinner layer of material. The Trailroc sole is ideal on loose and eroded trails where it will bite down through the soft upper layer to grip to the harder under layer, while still dispersing impact efficiently on the harder trail surfaces. The sole consists of three different rubber compounds to maximise grip and durability where it counts.There is a soft sticky rubber on the toe and arch areas for improved grip, an endurance rubber spanning from the heel to the metatarsals for durability, and a hard sticky rubber on the medial and lateral forefoot for improved wear rate.

The Trailroc 246 has a differential of 6 mm between heel and forefoot and is therefore ideal for those that have transitioned and adapted to a minimalist off road shoe. The natural last is perfect for most foot shapes.The 246 is very similar to the 255, but designed with a narrower heel cup, and therefore generally ideal for women.

Colour Purple/Yellow
Weight 246gms (UK size 8)
Sizes UK: 4-12 (inc. 1/2s)
EU: 36-47 (inc. 1/2s)
US-W: 6-11 (inc. 1/2s)
Ideal/Recommended Activity Trail Running, Nordic Walking, Climbing Approach, Lifestyle, Mountain Running, Moutain Marathon, Mixed Road & Trail, Adventure Racing, Long Distance Walking, Trail Walking
Ideal/Recommended Terrain Dry rock, mud, Loose rock, dry grass, mixed terrain

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